EST. 2013

Talent Take One is an exciting child model agency, representing the best talent in models and child actors.

Have you ever flipped through a magazine or TV channel and noticed wide-eyed child models showing off trendy kiddies’ fashion or promoting everything from ice lollies to bicycles?

If like most parents your automatic response is — “MY CHILD IS CUTER” or: “How can I get my child involved in modelling?”, then it’s time to join Talent Take One.

We specialise in providing talent UP TO THE AGE OF 99 YEARS or thereabouts for Local & international projects with our main focus being child stars.

If you are a parent and would like to put your child forward for auditions / casting throughout the Cape Town,  please email us for an application form and include:

One clear photograph

Full date of birth

Accurate height

Clothing size

Contact number

Modelling can be extremely rewarding for both the child and the parent. The most successful kids have parents who are both enthusiastic and committed to their childs career.

When seeing themselves on TV, in magazines and on billboards can boost a child’s confidence.

Although your child may be brilliant at having pictures taken at home by mom and dad, you will need to be sure that they are happy working with complete strangers in a noisy studio/location environment with lights flashing every few seconds. Not all children are comfortable with this.

Clients & casting directors, we have some very talented kids eager to take part in your media project, please get in touch!

Our Books are Open – Between May-Oct.

We are growing and expanding and are currently looking for new talent to add to our books.

No experience is required, just a friendly, confident manner. Children will need to be at ease in front of the camera and happy to take direction when required. These qualities will improve and become more natural as they attend more castings and are subsequently offered roles. The more comfortable and relaxed the child becomes at castings the more likely they are to be selected for roles.

Grown a bit? Let us know.

Its important to keep us up to date as your child grows, if we don’t have the correct height & shoe size they could be missing out on great opportunities.